February 15, 2011

Beware of Article/Blog Groups on Facebook

About a month ago, I joined an Article/Blog group on Facebook.  The reason, I thought, was for all of us to network.  All like minded people, meaning we are all try to make money by writing on the internet, getting together to exchange marketing ideas and networking.  Sounds like a great idea, huh?  It WAS.

I wrote an article "Planned Parenthood Caught on Video Helping 'Pimp's' Underage Sex-Ring" for Triond.
After writing it, I sent it to all my networking sites, including posting the link of it in the Article/Blog group.  What happened next shocked and disturbed me greatly.

Now, before I tell you, please understand that I know my article was going to be controversial.  I am sure I wasn't the only one who wrote that kind of articles.  I did NOT write the article for that reason, actually, my reason was to inform people of what happened.  It was on CBS, MSNBC, in major newspapers, etc. , but it was such a short time, and people forget, or don't get a chance to see it.  I knew that many of my fellow pro-life friends had no idea it had happened and the only way I knew, because I rarely watch the news, was because I heard it on the radio.   I was listening to a news report by CitizenLink , an affliliate of Focus on the Family.

The reaction was by a few men who totally blasted me.  They called me a liar, a bad reporter, that I wrote libel and should retract my article.  With insincerity, claimed concern for me and my family as they told me I would be sued.  Everything I wrote in defense, they twisted to try to make me look like an idiot.  Mind you, they made no sense!  What they were accusing me of was ridiculous.  I read the articles about this topic, listen and watched the videos, gave links for people to watch them for themselves.  Finally someone came to my defense and repeatedly asked them to show where I was lying.  Guess what, no one did.  Eventually, that gave way to more people stepping in and speaking their mind against the few bashing men, who obviously tried to AND prided themselves into intimidating anyone who didn't agree with their way of thinking.

One of these men made the mistake of saying the very liberal "attacking line": "Is that what Jesus would do?"  Mind you, he was referring to the fact that the Pro-life organization hid a camera while going into certain Planned Parenthoods and caught the staff giving information to the "pimp" on how to get 14 and 15 year olds abortions, even after telling them that they were not from this state and some weren't from this country.   OK, so would Jesus had looked the other way if He thought there was a pimp in front of Him confessing he had an underage sex-trafficking ring?  So in response I made sure to say LOUDLY that if he was going to use that tactic than I was very VERY sure that Jesus wouldn't want millions of babies killed each  year!  That shut him up in that direction, he just went back to I was a liar and should be sued for slander.

So I am warning you, before you join these groups anywhere, make sure what their intent is, and the creators intent.  When I questioned the creator, he said he didn't mind debates.  Ok, well that would have been good to know in the beginning.  Honestly, after he told me he knew these people well, and then another woman who was brave enough to comment said she recognized this "crew" from My Space and I think she even said she blocked them there, that I was set up to be slaughtered.  What I mean is that  if you invite, knowingly, people who LIVE to "debate" (I say this loosely as debating to me is not name calling and threats) to a group, then you KNOW there is going to be trouble if that is NOT the intent of the group or you don't warn people about it.

I am still in the group, I want the networking, but I will be selective of what I post.  It was not worth all the stress it caused me and if I quit, "they" win.  I tell ya, it is all just too crazy.  OH , and by the way, only one of these men even post any links to THEIR articles, again, what is the reason they are there?

So beware, people, beware.

February 10, 2011

I Can't Speak...So I'll Write: Me

I Can't Speak...So I'll Write: Me: "My hair's almost always a mess My clothes are usually wrinkled My socks don't really match I forget the time I mess up in school I trip on ..."

January 22, 2011

My Writing Adventure - RedGage

In my many hours of reading other peoples articles on the various sites I am writing for, I came across the name of a site I had not heard of: RedGage

I have been on only a few days and am loving it.  It is so easy to maneuver and make money.  All you do is upload!  Upload what, you ask?  Everything and anything!  You can upload pictures, videos (from your computer only, unless you have videos from YouTube.)  blog entries, documents and links.

They also have contests you can enter to win $25 every day.

I am having a blast putting up pictures, sharing my links and blog entries.  I am enjoying seeing everyone else's uploads as well...and making money!

I encourage your to check out RedGage and in the referral area, put my name tonyabarker.  Thanks alot!

So far, after 5 days and $.04 for just posting up my favorite things, definitely a 5 out of 5 pencils!