January 12, 2011

My First Debate on Helium- Should Young Children Have Mobile Phones

I do not understand why a child would even need a mobile phone. I understand that it is the "cool" thing to own a phone these days, at any age, but does it really mean that it is necessary?

How responsible is a young child? They are still in the process of learning responsibilities. You are setting them up for possible failure. How many times has your young child said to you, "Where is my _______?" Most of the time it is clothes, school books, library books, or toys. Will it be any different with a costly mobile phone?

Who do they need to call? When I was a child, we had play dates at each others houses. If we needed to call anyone, it was done in front of parents. I can honestly tell you, that not until I was a teen, .....

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Let me know what side you are on.

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